Canada's premier short course off road racing series. 

Short course off road racing has been around since the early 70's in Ontario and has evolved into what we have now in an exciting

wheel to wheel, dirt throwing, high jumping, racing series that brings drivers from all around Ontario and Quebec at various tracks in southern Ontario.

If you've never witnessed off road racing for yourself, take stock car racing, rally cars, and motocross,

mix it all together and you've got short course off road racing! 

Feel free to browse through our site and get to know the drivers, tracks and classes.

See you at the track !





The club held it's annual meeting on November 28th  2020.

 Dates have been discussed but we are waiting to finalize details.

Yearly membership fees have changed from $50 to $100 and the 

one weekend fee has changed from $30 to $50

Class Entry remains $100 per event



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